The Best Google AdSense Alternative The Best Google AdSense Alternative

Are you banned from Google AdSense? Are you struggling to get Google AdSense Account Approval? You are looking for a contextual ad network such as Google Adsense? Then  will be the best  Google AdSense alternative available to display ads on your blog and make money online. Many newbie bloggers are really struggling to get AdSense account approval. Because they are very strict with their Terms and Services. In addition to that Google can ban your account at any point of time without giving any proper reason. I would say that Google Adsense is not transparent enough. Because of these reasons, many blogging pioneers around the Globe recommend as the best Google AdSense alternative.

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How to Get Google AdSense Payment In India?

Google Adsense Payment.

Are you looking for how to receive Google AdSense Payment from India? In this article,  I will explain you in detail about how to verify your AdSense account and also about how to add a bank account to your AdSense account to receive payment through wired transfer. You need to complete the following steps to receive the payment successfully in your account.

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How to Display Ads On Blogger With Google AdSense?

How to display ads on Blogger blog is a common question asked by many newbie bloggers. Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing are very common and people are making thousands of dollars by using these methods. In this article, I will describe you in detail about how to show AdSense Ads on a Blogger blog. I have already written an article about How to Create a Free Blog with Google AdSense is one of the top contextual ads network powered by Google. You can use this on your blog as long as your website or blog comply with Google AdSense Terms of Service. There are two methods to connect Google AdSense to Blogspot. It is easy to put Google AdSense code into the Blogspot Blog through HTML/Javascript box. If you don’t have an approved Google AdSense account, you need to apply for a new account. Let us see both methods in detail here.

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How to Install WordPress On Bluehost?

Install WordPress on bluehost

This tutorial is about how to Install WordPress on Bluehost. This is basically for newbie bloggers. Bluehost is one of the best, most reliable and cheap web hosting providers around the globe and it is also recommended officially by WordPress.  Almost 2 million websites around the globe are powered by Bluehost. I created my first blog on free blogging platform and later migrated to Bluehost. I have also recommended this to many of my clients. This step by step guide for WordPress installation will only take less than 15 minutes to create your new blog.


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How To Get Google AdSense Account Approval for Your Blog?

Adsense account Approval

Getting a Google AdSense account approval is every blogger’s dream, especially for newbie bloggers. My first blog was started two years back and I applied for Google AdSense Account one month after starting my blog. But the first Adsense Application got rejected due to insufficient content. I did some research and learned more about Google AdSense and it’s Policy. For the next two months, I did not apply for Google AdSense. Instead, I concentrate more on creating quality contents. This time Google AdSense Approval Team approved my AdSense application. I still remember it was a wonderful moment with a lot of excitement.

In this article, I will explain you in detail about the process of Google AdSense Account Approval. There is no shortcut for Adsense Approval. This step by step guide will help you to make your journey easier.

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How to Create a Free Blog With Blogspot in Less Than 15 Minutes


How to create a free blog

Are you looking to start a free blog? Then you are at the right place. powered by Google is one of the best and the simple blogging platforms to start with. I also started my blogging journey 2 years back with as it doesn’t require any initial investment. Here I will explain you in detail about how to start a new free blog with Once you get enough confidence and knowledge about blogging you can immigrate to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

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